What are the Current Arkansas DWI & DUI Expungement / Sealing Laws?

13 May 2018
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

The Comprehensive Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2013 ("CCRSA") covers all Arkansas DWI's and DUI's, regardless of when they occurred.  This law went into effect on January 1, 2014.  Also, keep in mind that there could be other sealing procedures that might be available; each case needs to be analyzed in detail by an attorney before that decision is made.   Regarding the CCRSA, codified at Ark. Code Ann. 16-90-1401, et seq., it got rid of the term "expungment," which is how Arkansas law

Arkansas Attorney First Board-Certified DUI Specialist

17 April 2017
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

Brad J. Williams, DUI Specialist   ARKANSAS ATTORNEY FIRST BOARD-CERTIFIED DUI SPECIALIST   CONWAY, Arkansas – Attorney Brad J. Williams has earned his place in an esteemed group of lawyers, as one of only 51 attorneys in the United States to achieve board certification in DUI Defense, and the first and only in Arkansas. The Board Certification process is administered by the National College for DUI Defense (“the NCDD”) and accredited by the American Bar Association. The NCDD is a

Arkansas Gains First Lawyer Scientist

28 January 2016
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

Attorney Brad J. Williams has earned his place in an esteemed group of lawyers, as one of only 38 ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientists in the world, and the first in Arkansas. “I’m extremely proud of this certification and excited to use this education to help my clients,” said Williams. A nonprofit group originally chartered by Congress, with more than 158,000 members, the American Chemical Society (ACS) is the world’s largest scientific society and one of the world’s leading so

"The Best Around"

11 January 2013

2012 was another successful year at Bennett & Williams.  More proof that if you’re looking for the best dwi/dui lawyers in Arkansas, you need look no further: Tommy and Brad were the only DWI lawyers voted Best Lawyers in Little Rock in the December 2012 issue of Little Rock Soireemagazine. Brad and Chip were selected as one of Arkansas’ 2012 Top 40 Under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers. Tommy, Brad, and Chip were all selected as 2012 Super Lawyers Rising Stars. And, most impor

Cops, Ignorance & Tiaras

11 January 2013
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

Miss University of Arkansas, Sarah Gafvert, was arrested a few months ago on a charge of Arkansas DWI.  As I recall, there was the typical rush to judgment on Ms. Gafvert’s guilt.  However, as this ABC News story points out, things aren’t always what they seem. Ms. Gafvert informed the cop that she had Type 1 Diabetes and was having a hypoglycemic episode.  What does the officer do?  Take her to the hospital to be treated and have a blood test to determine her BAC?  Of course not.  

Best in Show

21 December 2011

Congratulations to Tommy, Brad, and Chip!  All 3 of our attorneys made this year’s DWI lawyer list in the 2011 Mid-South Super Lawyers issue.  It’s always nice when other people recognize what most people already know.  :)

Arkansas DWI & DUI Convictions...

28 March 2011
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

Can Be Expunged Starting August 1, 2011! I have received MANY inquiries over the years from people who were interested in expunging a past Arkansas DWI or DUI conviction.  Unfortunately, my answer has always been “NOT A CHANCE.” That is, until now. On March 23rd, Act 626 was passed, allowing for misdemeanor DWI and DUI convictions to be expunged FIVE (5) years after the completion of his or her sentence for the conviction(s).  It also allows expungement of Arkansas misdemeanor convictio

Enter Sandman

30 June 2010
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

We will all sleep better tonight knowing that all of those people being arrested (at least by the LRPD) for DWI are being arrested ONLY after a thorough and accurate investigation of the person’s mental and physical faculties has been conducted.  In honor of our country’s anniversary of its freedom from oppression and tyranny, local law enforcement is going to arrest as many people as it can. Before they do that, they want to make sure that they aren’t falsely arresting anyone…how nice

Batman Hates the Constitution, Too

25 April 2010

Batman was always a little darker than Superman.  He always had a little less respect for legal conventions when it came to taking down the bad guys.  Superman, on the other hand, was much more diplomatic and respectful in his approach.  I could see Superman calling Metropolis’ city attorney for advice before storming into someone’s home.  Batman, not so much. So, it’s not surprising that Batman has lent his name to a mobile blood testing lab (The “Blood Alcohol Testing” or “B.A

Reinstatement Fees…

1 February 2010
Criminal & DUI/DWI Law

A Golden Egg for the State, A Golden Pile of $&!% for the Rest of Us When you are charged with a DWI in Arkansas, you can get your driver’s license back as soon as you serve out your license suspension period (6 months for a first time DWI). If you want your license back after the period is over, you must (among other things) pay a “reinstatement fee” of $150.  That is, unless you were found not guilty in the meantime. So who’s the lucky person that gets $150 for the 1000′s of