Technically, a "breathalyzer" refers to a specific type of breath-testing device that was originally manufactured by Smith & Wesson.  However, over time, the term "breathalyzer" has become synonymous with any device that determines a person's breath alcohol content. 

Generally, there are 2 types of breathalyzers that police use on persons suspected of drunk driving, depending upon their goal:  1) portable/preliminary breath testing devices ("PBT") and 2) evidentiary breath testing devices ("desktop breathalyzer").

For many years, Arkansas adopted and used the "BAC DataMaster" as its desktop breathalyzer.  The BAC DataMaster is manufactured by National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. in Mansfield, Ohio.  However, starting in 2009, Arkansas adopted and began replacing the BAC DataMaster with the EC/IR II, which is manufactured by Intoximeters, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri.