Take A Deep Breath

We Can Help With Your Criminal or DWI/DUI Charge

Take A Deep Breath

We Can Help With Your Criminal or DWI/DUI Charge

When the Government is trying to put you in jail, your attorney is often your only and last line of defense. Our lawyers take this duty seriously!

It is unlikely that there is any other area of law that is more complex and controversial than Immigration Law. Only a knowledgable and experienced immigration lawyer can properly guide you through this area.

Being involved in an accident of any kind can be an uncertain and scary time for many people. We can help you make sense of the process and your options.

To many people, nothing is more important than their family. When family problems make their way to a court of law, it is critical that you understand your options and have an aggressive lawyer to represent you.




& Family Law

An Arrest Is Not A Conviction

The attorneys at Bennett & Williams are committed to defending individuals accused by the Government of committing a crime.  If you don't stand up for your Constitutional rights, nobody else will, ESPECIALLY the Government.

An Arkansas DWI or DUI case is VERY different from any other type of alleged crime. It involves complicated and ever-changing Arkansas DWI and DUI laws, scientific breath/blood testing, and standardized field sobriety testing.   There are no criminal lawyers in the State of Arkansas that have the unique set of specialized training possessed by the Little Rock DWI lawyers at Bennett & Williams.  These skills are CRITICAL for your lawyer to be able to properly defend your Arkansas DWI or DUI case.  For more information about our qualifications, click here.

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